Paid Online Streaming Platforms versus Free Online Streaming Platforms


Nowadays, online movie streaming platforms are very popular for watching movies and other content. A number of online movie streaming websites are available which enables its users to view the content online and download it. There are both paid and unpaid movie streaming websites. Both paid and unpaid sites have their own perks and downfall. In this article, I have written about the various points that determine whether paid online streaming websites are better or unpaid ones.
Paid versus Unpaid
While deciding whether to choose paid online movie platform or unpaid online movie platform, one need to consider various factors. Below are mentioned a few points which should be considered while choosing the platform:
Free Content
While using free online movie streaming platforms such as, one do not have to pay a single penny for the content provided by it. The content available on these sites are totally free with no hidden charges. While in a paid streaming platform, the user has to pay for monthly subscriptions in exchange of the content given by them.

Early Access
The free online streaming platforms provide early access to the content than the paid online movie streaming platforms. The reason behind is that free movie providing sites pirates the content which leads to early access. On the other hand, in paid movie services the certification process is extremely time consuming.
The variety of content available on free online movie streaming sites is much greater than the paid ones. The free sites like movies have movies of almost every genre and languages with subtitles for its users. On the other hand, in paid online services there is a limited collection of movies for the users.
There are no ads in paid online streaming websites while in most of the unpaid online movie services there are a number of ads because these free sites earn money from the ads. But there are also some free online movie streaming websites which provide ad-free services too and they receive money through views and clicks of the users.
Malicious Activity
There are few risks of using free online movie streaming websites because these types of sites are full of hackers which attack the device through ads and various links present on the website. While in paid online movie streaming websites, there is no danger of hackers and the user can enjoy the content in a safe environment.
Video Quality
The quality of content available on free online movie streaming websites is not standard. The picture quality depends upon the developer and the camera quality. While paid online streaming websites provide the content in best quality as it is a licensed website.

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